About Us

Purpose Statement

What can we say about us? Gotta dance is a collaboration of passionate educators. Because we want to inspire students to perfect their technique and perform with joy. Sharing the gift of dance to encourage personal growth and, in addition, foster spirited community. We acknowledge the potential in everyone.

Community Outreach

Gotta Dance commits to engaging and supporting community organizations. Particularly in the heart of New Jersey. We do this through outreach programs and charitable giving. We focus our efforts in the following locations:

Below are some of the many outreach opportunities we are able to facilitate.

If you are a local business or organization in our areas of focus and are looking for supporters in your charitable project, then please contact our office at 1 (877) 23-DANCE or office@gotta-dance.com to learn more information.

Girl Scout Classes

We offer a free class for your troop to earn the Dance Badge.
We are so excited for you to join us in a class for your Girl Scout Troop. Space, the instructor, and the fun are all provided. As a result we ask that troop leaders provide the Badge. Gotta Dance believes that Girl Scouts promote positivity and caring in the local community. So we want to extend our gratitude to local girl scouts troops. Most of all we teach this class that teaches fitness, focus, and promises to be a fun experience.