Your fear of looking stupid is holding you back - RuPaul

Jake Montanaro (originally from Long Island, NY; now Montclair, NJ) earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance from Montclair State University in 2020. While at MSU he performed works by Martha Graham, Ohad Naharin, Bill T. Jones, Alwin Nikolais, Kathleen Kelley, Lori Katterhenry and Fredrick Earl Mosley. When he is not dancing he is performing and teaching color guard at the world class level at The Cadets, The Black Watch, and at several high school teams across New Jersey. In the Winter of 2019 he performed in Ajijaak on Turtle Island at The New Victory Theater in NYC. He is also a co-founder of the Sakan Dance Company (NJ).

Favorite Artist
Alexander Ekman, Hayley Williams, and Alexander McQueen.
Cool Trick
Since I’m a color guard professional, I can twirl and throw basically anything in the air, turn around underneath it, and catch it!
I draw inspiration from so many places it’s hard to pick just one, but artistically I would have to say Alexander Ekman because his work creates so much environmental energy; even in a theater his work seems almost immersive, like a whole new world opened up in front of your eyes!
Best Advice
Rule no.1 : Always Look Good. You can apply it to any aspect of your life and it will work, how you dress, act, talk, perform… EVERYTHING!