Workshop Ballet Concert Information:

We’ll be holding a series of mini-concerts back at our performance home –  Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC)’s theater. Our On Broadway: Magic in the Air mini-concerts will be equal parts safe and magical!

Concerts Include Dress Rehearsals

This year your dancer’s concert will include their dress rehearsal. We won’t be holding dress rehearsals on a separate date and time. Dancers will walk through their dress rehearsals and then return backstage prior to the start of each concert.

Your dancer’s dress rehearsal/concert date/time is:

Tuesday, June 15th- 5:00-5:45pm

For information about our mini-concerts, click here or go to > Current Students > Concert Information

Your Workshop Ballet in Warren Update:

We are pleased to be able to hold your Workshop Ballet class fully in person at the studio each week. Every week three dancers will dance in three socially distanced sections of the waiting room and follow along through the open doors into the studio.
The benefit of this is that you will be able to dance with your friends on our floating dance floors in the same size dance spaces (or larger!) as the studio. If you’d prefer to take the class online on the date you are assigned to dance in the lobby, you can always log on and dance virtually and receive corrections from Mr. Gabriel. It’s likely that you may be able to move into the studio when other dancers are absent or dancing virtually.
Weekly Schedule
Thursday, September 24th, November 5th, January 7th, February 18th, April 8th, May 13th
Stephanie Aiello
Noelle Bongiorno
Regan Cunningham
Thursday, October 1st, November 12th, January 14th, February 25th, April 15th , May 20th
Abigayle Hardy
Amanda Hirsch
Audrey Kingree
Thursday, October 8th, November 19th, January 21st, March 4th, April 22nd, May 27th
Sophie Kotar
Kyra Li
Amelia Ludwig
Thursday, October 15th, December 3rd, January 28th, March 11th,  June 3rd
Emily McCormick
Madison McDonald
Ashley Narsu
Thursday, October 22nd, December 10th, February 4th, March 18th, April 29th
Victoria  Piccolo
Lauren Pietro
Isabella Rietze
Thursday, October 29th, December 17th, February 11th, March 25th, May 6th
Becky Smith
Ava Sutter
Bella Utset