Gotta Dance Anti-Bullying Policy

Gotta Dance commits to anti bullying. Providing a safe and supportive community that fosters a lifelong love for dance and creative expression. In order to guarantee that all of our dancers are able to best pursue their passion, we implemented a comprehensive anti-bullying policy applicable to our students, dance families, staff, and employees.

We define bullying as any behavior; physical, verbal, written (either electronically or in person), that detrimentally targets another dancer. This counts as bullying when it physically or emotionally harms a dancer, targets a dancer for any actual or perceived characteristic, or creates a hostile environment in the dance studio.


Reporting Bullying

We understand that the under reporting of bullying is the biggest hindrance to stopping further harassment. We have developed an online form for students or parents to file in the case of bullying. We have developed an online form that can be filled out anonymously or with personal information for students or parents to file in the case of bullying.  If you do not wish to provide personal information, we just ask to be supplied with a date, time, location, who was bullying, and details of the harassment.

We send this information directly to the Operations team, who are in charge of the implementation and studio wide compliance to the anti-bullying policy. The Operations team will contact the alleged bullying party, the alleged victim, teachers, assistants, and parents who may have possibly witnessed the event. Should, in addition, he/she finds evidence that corroborates the report, this will serve as the basis for scheduling a course of action meeting. Gotta Dance director, Jana Belot, will also review any report of bullying. Gotta Dance staff members including educators, associates, and administrative personnel must intervene if they are made aware of the possibility that bullying is occurring including but not limited to witnessing bullying. All Gotta Dance personnel have to intervene by filing the online report directly. Parents making the studio aware of the bullying event, the parent is also required to take on the primary responsibility of filing a report.


Gotta Dance will not tolerate bullying in any form; physical, emotional, social or otherwise. As such, we have implemented a Zero Tolerance Bullying Policy. Since our goal is to empower people and embrace individuality, one documented bullying event will have repercussions which may include immediate termination of enrollment for egregious violations.

Most noteworthy, as per the policy above, Gotta Dance recognizes that bullying does not just occur between students. Parents or guardians who witnessed bullying or harassing another student, parent, or Gotta Dance staff member, there will be repercussions. Penalties above made without any refund for classes missed.

 I Don’t Know What to Do Form Action Plan:

At Gotta Dance, respect and compassion are two of our core values. All dancers have a right to learn and develop their art in a positive, respectful environment. We realize that every situation reported through this form may require a unique follow-up.

Report an Instance of Bullying

Please call us at 877-23DANCE (877-233-2623) or fill out the form below.

I Don’t Know What To Do

Sometimes we experience a situation that appears to be rude or insensitive, but wouldn’t necessarily qualify it as bullying. Still, we worry when it goes unreported, the situation may escalate. Fill out this form if such an incident occurs, and allows us to begin a discussion with parties involved

Please call us at 877-23DANCE (877-233-2623) or fill out the form below.