The Immortal Dance Force Competitive Dance Team

Immortal Dance Force provides an intense growth opportunity for the driven student who loves to compete and excels in a team environment. Our goal is to enhance the student’s dance experience by attending a dance convention, competing in one dance competition and supporting them to rise to each challenge. With ‘team’ at the heart of members and educators, this program is driven by disciplined collaboration, healthy competition, tenacity, and technical growth.

Immortal Dance Force is a Gotta Dance Performance Ensemble. Their debut season was in the Fall of 2012, and through hard work and team building, they were rewarded with tremendous success. In 7 years, Immortal Dance Force has grown to become a dance team with a very successful record in competitive dance.

Congratulations Immortal Dance Force 2019

Stand By Me Contemporary earned Studio Standout & Best of Radix (Junior) Radix Competition

90 Days Contemporary Solo – Elite Gold, 1st Place Super Senior Elite & Scholarship by Dance Experience – Starbound Competition

Listen Before I Go Contemporary – 1st Place Senior Elite Solo and “Audience Choice” Award- Starbound Competition

Big God Contemporary – 1st Place Elite Senior Group and “Choreography” Award – Starbound Competition

Conga Jazz – Elite Gold, 1st Place Teen Competitive Group, and Judges Award “Contagious Energy”- Starbound Competition

Radix Scholarships Awarded
3 Immortal Dancers earned Cutting Edge in Tap Radix Scholarship
1 Immortal Dancer earned:  Cutting Edge in Jazz and Contemporary Radix Scholarship

Notable Immortal Dance Force 2019-20 Awards:

Stand By Me Contemporary 
High Gold, “Studio Standout” award, “Best of Radix (Junior)”, and 2nd Place Junior Line- Radix
Elite Gold and 4th Place Junior Competitive- Starbound

90 Days Contemporary Solo
Elite Gold, 1st Place Super Senior Elite Solo, and Scholarship by Dance Experience- Starbound

Listen Before I Go, Contemporary Solo
High Gold- Radix
Elite Gold, 1st Place Senior Elite Solo, and “Audience Choice” Award- Starbound

Big God Contemporary
High Gold-Radix
Elite Gold, 1st Place Elite Senior Group, and “Choreography” Award- Starbound

Music Lyrical
Gold and 3rd Place Mini Duo/Trio- Radix
High Gold, 1st Place in Junior Petite Intermediate, and “Audience Choice” Award- Starbound

Britney Jazz 
Elite Gold and 2nd Place Elite Senior Group- Starbound

Can’t Touch It Jazz Solo
High Gold- Starbound

Conga Jazz 
Gold and 2nd Place Teen Line-Radix
Elite Gold, 1st Place Teen Competitive Group, and Judges Award “Contagious Energy”- Starbound

Despacito Tap
Gold and 1st Place Teen Tap- Radix
High Gold and 5th Place Teen Competitive Group- Starbound

Fabulous Jazz Solo 
Gold- Radix
High Gold- Starbound

Here Comes The Sun Modern
Gold and 1st Place Teen Specialty- Radix
High Gold- Starbound

High Top Shoes Jazz
Gold, 1st Place Junior Jazz, and 1st Place Junior Extended Line- Radix
Elite Gold and 1st Place Junior Competitive- Starbound

Masquerade Ballet
Gold, 1st Place Junior Ballet and 2nd Place Junior Group- Radix
High Gold- Starbound

Never Enough Contemporary Solo 
High Gold- Radix
Elite Gold and 8th Place Super Senior Elite Solo- Starbound

Rescue Contemporary
Gold- Radix
High Gold- Starbound

Soul Man Tap
Gold, 1st Place Mini Tap, and 2nd Place Mini Group- Radix
High Gold and 5th Place Junior Competitive- Starbound

Tripped Out Slim Tap 
High Gold- Radix
High Gold and 5th Place Senior Elite Solo- Starbound

You Make Me Feel So Young
High Gold and 1st Place Mini Duo/Trio- Radix
Elite Gold and 1st in Junior Competitive- Starbound

Immortal Dance Force 2020

Two November Competitions plus one Convention

    1. Radix Competition plus Convention in November 2020- Dates TBA
    2. Starbound Competition in November 2020 – Dates TBA.

This season dancers will attend a convention as part of the Radix Competition. Below are some of the benefits of attending a convention as a team:

  1. Bond as a Team in a New Dance Environment
  2. Learn New Choreography from New Teachers at a Fast Pace
  3. Build Confidence for Future Auditions By Challenging Dancers to Pick Up New Choreography Quickly
  4. Gain Fresh Perspective & Experience with Various Dance Styles
  5. Inspire Dancers to Excel at Competition

November Competitions
Rehearsals & Groupings:
All Immortal dancers rehearse and compete with their subject group.  Specific schedules will be released in Mid-July. Dancers will have a deadline to withdraw from Immortal and receive, in addition, their refunded $20 fee if the rehearsal times present a conflict.

Summer Boot Camp Dates (2020): Branchburg Studio
Tentative dates: August 17-21 & August 24 & 25

Fall Rehearsals (2020): Basking Ridge Studio
Tentative dates: Sundays in September, October and early November

Solos, Duets & Trios:
To compete as a solo, duo or trio performer dancers must apply and complete an application.  They also must compete in the same discipline with a group. During the summer, most dancers will rehearse the week prior to Bootcamp and some others may rehearse during the 7 days of Bootcamp. All solos, duets and trios will receive:

1. An email from their choreographer stating their music choice and theme for the piece. 
2. 2-one-hour sessions with a choreographer to set piece.
3. 2-forty-five-minute sessions with a choreographer along with 15 minutes of independent practice.
4. 3-thirty-minute sessions with choreographer.

During the Fall solos, duets and trios will receive:
1. 8-20 minute coaching sessions along with 120 minutes of  independent practice
2. 1-twenty-minute coaching with a board member or teacher

Pairings & Costumes
Dancers requesting to perform as a duo or trio must have a comparable ability level, height and body shape. All pairings and costumes are determined by the Immortal Faculty and Board.  If you competed in a solo, duo or trio and would like to repeat last year’s dance that’s a great opportunity to learn and grow. Please contact Miss Kathleen at to learn about discounted rates. Extra practice will be billed at private lesson rates.

Requirements for Immortal 2020- Registration begins in May of 2020

To participate in Immortal Dance Force dancers must:

1. Be in Topaz or above (2019-2020 season)

2. Have at least 80% class attendance

3. Register for Immortal by submitting a $20 refundable fee through your family portal AND register for the following 2020-2021 classes beginning on June 22nd to compete in any given subject area in Immortal:

To compete in Jazz: Dancers must take at least one jazz class and at least one ballet class.

For Ballet: Dancers must take at least two ballet classes.

To compete in Tap: Dancers must take at least one tap class and one ballet class.

For Hip-Hop: Dancers must take at least two hip-hop classes, or one hip-hop and one class in any other discipline (ballet, tap, jazz, modern).

To compete in Modern/Contemporary/Lyrical: Dancers must take two modern classes or one modern and one ballet, or one contemporary and one ballet, or one contemporary and one modern.

Immortal rehearsals begin with an intense Summer Bootcamp where dancers learn their choreography. They continue with Sunday rehearsals in the Fall and compete in one November competition.


Scores from Company Auditions on January 11th at Raritan Valley Community College will place you in either ballet, tap, jazz contemporary, or hip-hop Immortal groups. Please Note:  In rare cases, a dancer’s score may be high enough for acceptance into Gotta Dance Companies, but may not be high enough in his/her age group to qualify for the particular subject in Immortal Dance Force.

To those who performed in the Nutcracker 2019:

1. Your audition score and placement in the Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker makes you eligible for placement and participation in Immortal Ballet for the 2020 season.

2. Have at least 80% class attendance

3. Register for Immortal by submitting a $20 refundable fee through your family portal AND register for the following 2019-2020 classes beginning on June 18th to compete in any given subject area in Immortal:

2020 Immortal Fees:


Register SOON!
Registration and a $20 refundable fee is required to secure a place on the team. Registrations are accepted until June 17th. Casting and contracts will be sent out in July.

To register:
Login to your family portal
Find Events and Scroll to Select the Group or Solo,Duo, Trio to join.

Please email for ALL Questions.

More About Immortal

Gotta Dance Studio earned School Spirit Award & Outstanding Behavior  -Starbound Competition
Doomed Contemporary Solo – Diamond, 2nd Overall All Star & Ms Beyond the Stars!
Let it Out Contemporary – Diamond, 1st Overall All Star & Ultimate Technique Award

Ultimate Entertainment AND Highest Scoring Dance – Jazz
Highest Scoring Dance AND Audience Choice Award – Jazz
Best Choreography for Contemporary

Extremely Well-Prepared & Competed with a High Level of Technical Skill.

Gotta Dance was awarded BEST TECHNIQUE out of all 18 of the dance studios that competed in Beyond the Stars Dance Competition Gotta Dance dancers receive a TOP QUALITY, UNPARALLELED dance education!

Consistently, Immortal dancers have:

Achieved Elite Gold or High Gold Recognition Every Year
Placed Top 10 in Multiple Categories
Received Various Judge’s Awards
Experience Dramatic Improvement in Performance Quality & Technique
Increased Self-Discipline, Self-Determination & Self Confidence
Built Community and Team Spirit

Footed Tights Size Chart

Fishnet Tights Size Chart






Immortal Dance Force:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I register for more than one dance style?
Yes!  You can register for all styles that you auditioned for in January.

If my dancer auditioned for Jazz & Tap, can they still register for a Ballet group?
Unfortunately they can not.  Without having auditioned for Ballet we do not have a score to place them in the correct group with Immortal.  They can however register for the Jazz and Tap groups.

Will my dancer be accepted into all groups which she registers for?
Not all dancers will be placed in each style that they register for.  It’s possible that a dancer who auditioned for Ballet and Jazz will only be accepted into a Jazz group.  This is based off of your dancer’s score and skill level.  While there could be 20 dancers at the same skill level and score range, there could also only be 2.  Availability can not be determined until after the preliminary registration.

Why can’t you tell which group my dancer has been placed in at this time?
After registration is completed, Gotta Dance needs to see all the dancers skill levels and scores for each style to determine if your dancer can be placed in the correct group.  Unfortunately we can not guarantee availability for groups within each skill level and score.

Can my dancer do a solo/duet or trio?
All dancers wishing to compete a solo/duet/trio must apply to the Immortal Board first.  Please complete application here. If their application is approved, dancers are required to compete in a group of the same style.  Meaning, for a Jazz solo, dancers also need to compete with a Jazz group.

When will we find out which groups my dancer has been accepted into?
All contracts with group placements and schedules will be emailed out on July 16th.  Dancers and families can then officially register to participate in those groups.

Company Auditions 2020:
Auditions Saturday, January 11th at Raritan Valley Community College (Snow Date: January 12th)

Company Audition SCHEDULE:

9:00-10:00am Jazz Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, & Workshop
10:00-10:45am Tap Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, & Workshop
10:45-11:25am Modern (All Levels)
11:25am-12:15pm Contemporary 1,2,3,& Workshop
12:15-12:20pm Acrobatics
12:20-1:00pm Ballet Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, & Workshop
1:00-1:45pm Street HipHop (All Levels GIRLS)
1:45-2:20pm Pointe (All levels except Pointe 1)
2:20-3:15pm Singing & Acting (3rd-12th Grade)
3:15-3:55pm Ballet Pearl, Peridot, & Citrine
3:55-4:40pm Jazz Pearl, Peridot, & Citrine
4:40-5:25pm Tap Pearl, Peridot, & Citrine
5:25-5:50pm Singing & Acting (3rd-12th Grade)
5:50-6:30pm Tap Amethyst, Opal, & Aqua
6:30-7:20pm HipHop/Jazz Amethyst, Opal, & Aqua
7:20-8:00pm Ballet Amethyst, Opal, & Aqua
8:00-8:30pm  Pre-Contemporary

Login to your portal
Choose the Audition(s) you’d like to attend

Click to download and print your Audition Form & Score Sheets!

Jazz Score Sheets
Ballet Score Sheets
Tap Score Sheets
POINTE Score Sheets
Modern Score Sheets
HipHop Score Sheets
Pre-Contemporary Score Sheets
Contemporary Score Sheets
ACRO Score Sheet
ACRO Waiver Form

***For Acting & Singing auditions students must be enrolled in a Gotta Dance Broadway class
See Broadway Webpage for details on songs and monologue that must be used to audition