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Energy of Jazz

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Technique of Ballet

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Discipline of Modern

Modern Dance:

Our Modern classes are open to students in the Pearl Level or above. This class combines the energy of jazz with the technique of ballet. We recognize that within the discipline of modern dance there are many styles and forms. Gotta Dance and our educators pride ourselves in exposing our students to many of these different techniques. Through this process, we also encourage dancers to find styles and modes of physical expression that expand their creativity and movement vocabulary.

Classes That Teach How To Contrast Movement

Modern is a style of dance that is performed barefoot to help dancers ground their movement. While ballet training stresses light and airy movement, modern training contrasts with movement emanating from the core of the body. Dancers will learn how to contrast their movement by exploring techniques such as contract and release, to fall and recovery.

Modern Dance Class Prerequisites

This is an intense form of dance expression and requires some previous dance training in the fields of jazz or ballet. We feel that technical training in one or both of these areas provides a prerequisite for success in the modern classroom.