Our Philosophy: Fun. Fit. Focus.

Established in 1989, Gotta Dance is a collaboration of passionate educators, inspiring students to perfect their technique and perform with joy; sharing the gift of dance to encourage growth, foster spirited community, and acknowledge the potential in everyone. Our philosophy is to develop young dancers physically, mentally, and artistically. How do we do this? Challenge, train and inspire! To help a dancer find the rhythm of the music and make art with their body is our passion.

Our Values

We base the Gotta Dance experience on five elements:
Healthy Fun: Balance of Fun & Discipline/Experience
Spirit of Dance: Education & Respect, Pure Human Expression/Culture and Cherished Moments
Inclusive Family: Compassion/Warmth/Love/Belonging
Always Inspirational: Celebrating/Realizing Potential, Impactful Ideas, and Promotion of Growth/Mentorship
Passionate Collaboration: Quality/Professional/Expert & Synergy in Relationships/Peace of Mind

Dance is a Performing Art

At Gotta Dance, we recognize that dancers need an audience to perform their art! Therefore we have created multiple performance opportunities for our dancers. You’ll burst with pride watching your dancer perform at our yearly concert at Raritan Valley Community College. Dancers of all ages and skills perform in our amazing shows. We also offer dancers the exclusive opportunity to perform alongside The NUTCRACKER Magic of Christmas Ballet and at community performances with Nutcracker Sweets Traveling Troupe in December. We also offer Performance Opportunities for all ages: Heartbeat Dance Team, Dynamite Dance Team, EDGE Dance Crew ,Immortal Dance Force, and Showstoppers Dance Company. Gotta Dance dancers are invited to try out and/or audition for all Performance Companies in January. Dancers are also recognized and awarded for their excellence. This happens through our Syllabus Challenge.

Professional Development

Gotta Dance Educators continue their education by attending classes at:
The Gotta Dance Operations Team continues their education by attending classes at: