These gymnastics classes focus specifically on Tumbling, Floor Work and Acro skills. Because of this all work will be done on mats in our studios. Consequently this is a great way for young dancers to increase flexibility and also add a new type of movement repertoire. Acro is also great for cheerleaders or dancers and helps to improve balance, posture, strength and, most of all, aerobic ability.


Our Acro Classes Are Opened To All Levels

Our classes will be based on the grade level of the student, and anyone can certainly join regardless of previous experience. Due to the nature of acrobatic education, our educators will work with students to address their individual abilities. As a result each student will work at their own pace in, most noteworthy, a safe and supportive environment.

For more information please view the Levels page.

Acrobatic Sequences

for Company Auditions on Saturday, January 6th and Sunday, January 7th at Branchburg Studio

All Acrobatic students need to demonstrate at least one of the movements:

1.Cartwheel/ One-Handed Cartwheel
2. Front or back limber/walkover/Bridge
3. Aerial or Dive Cartwheel
4. Back Handspring
5. Standing Back Tuck

Please print, sign & bring to audition: TumblingWaiverForm (Required for all Acrobatic Auditions)

Heartbeat Try Outs:

  1. Cartwheel
  2.  Forward roll
  3. 1 handed Cartwheel
  4. Bridge

Please print, sign & bring to audition: HBAcroWaiver