Showstoppers Dance Company provides extensive, high-quality performance exposure for passionate and dedicated students. Company members utilize their training to execute high-energy choreography that excites audiences year after year.

The Showstoppers Dance Company Offers a True Immersion Experience in a Professional Dance Environment

Selected from hundreds of students who audition, those fueled by the desire to perform and share stories through movement. The quick and intense rehearsal process takes place over a few demanding weeks. Also, the dancers learn challenging choreography taught by working professionals. As a result, these dancers are exposed to an audience of hundreds of people, over a two-week run of dance concerts at Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) this June 2022.

We invite all dancers Amethyst Level and above to our yearly auditions that take place on January 22nd & January 23rd 2022.

Showstoppers Dance Company Contract 2020

Company Auditions 2022:

Auditions are Saturday, January 22nd & Sunday, January 23rd at our Bridgewater Studio

Important Note: We hold auditions this one weekend only and there are no exceptions. If you are unable to audition during your time slot (by level/style) you may audition during a lower level time slot. However, we don’t recommend this as your score will likely be skewed. This will probably cause problems in group and lead role casting because you won’t be adequately compared to your peers.

Showstoppers casting is based on:
1. Audition Scores & Class Level
Dancers are cast based on their highest class level and their scores in each audition. For example, if your dancer’s highest level is Ruby, then they will be placed in Showstoppers instead of EDGE because Showstoppers is Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond & Workshop. Special note:  Ruby dancers in Showstoppers are double cast. Lead dancers in Showstoppers are double cast.
2. Class Attendance for Lead Roles
Dancers are required to attend 80% of their weekly classes in order to be considered for a Lead role in Showstoppers. Attendance is taken by the end of classes on April 2nd, 2021.
4. Broadway Dancers are required to be enrolled in a Broadway class at Gotta Dance in order to audition for Acting & Singing roles.

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Company Audition SCHEDULE:

Dancers will be given choreography via video prior to audition day and will be assigned to a specific time slot per each discipline.

Saturday, January 22nd  Bridgewater StudioStudio
2:00-3:00pm Jazz Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, & Workshop
3:00-3:50pm Tap Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, & Workshop
3:50-4:30pm Modern (All Levels)
4:30-6:00pm Contemporary 1,2,3,& Workshop
6:00-7:00pm Ballet Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, & Workshop
7:00-7:35pm Acrobatics
7:00-7:40pm Street HipHop (All Levels)
7:30-8:15pm Pointe (All levels except Pointe 1)
8:15-8:40pm Singing & Acting (3rd-12th Grade)

Sunday, January 23rd



 Bridgewater Studio:

Ballet Pearl, Peridot, & Citrine

1:30-2:20pm Jazz Pearl, Peridot, & Citrine
2:20-2:40pm Tap Pearl, Peridot, & Citrine
2:40-3:30pm Singing & Acting (3rd-12th Grade)
2:50-3:30pm Acrobatics
3:30-4:00pm Tap Amethyst, Opal, & Aqua
4:00-4:45pm HipHop/Jazz Amethyst, Opal, & Aqua
4:45-5:15pm Ballet Amethyst, Opal, & Aqua
5:15-5:45pm Pre-Contemporary


*In some cases you can be cast in:
Jazz and Contemporary
Jazz and HipHop
Contemporary and HipHop
Modern and Ballet
Modern and Pointe**ALL Ruby dancers & ALL Leads will be Double Cast
As leads are usually only cast in one subject they will likely be full cast in their other disciplines***For Acting & Singing auditions students must be enrolled in a Gotta Dance Broadway class
See Broadway Webpage for details on songs and monologue that must be used to audition


Your score from the upcoming Company Auditions on January 22nd & 23rd at our Bridgewater studio will place you in either ballet, tap, jazz contemporary, or hip-hop Immortal groups. Please Note:  In rare cases, a dancer’s score may be high enough for acceptance into Gotta Dance Companies, but may not be high enough in his/her age group to qualify for the particular subject in Immortal Dance Force.