Dance Class Registration 2023-2024
for Central New Jersey

Registration for Preschool Classes begins Monday, May 1st at 8:00pm (Baby Ballet, Rainbows, Unicorns & Stars)
Registration for current families begins Monday, June 19th at 6:30am (1st grade and up)
Registration for new families begins Tuesday, June 20th at 8:00am (1st grade and up)

Class schedules are posted at under ‘Schedules‘ for the upcoming 2023-2024 season.

How to Register for Classes

Please view the video below and read the directions as they are very important to the success of your enrollment.  Adding a class to your cart will NOT enroll your student in the class!  You must click your cart and click the green ENROLL NOW button at the end to submit your enrollment.  Please pay close attention to this!!

Steps to enroll in a class:

  • Click Classes & Events in the top right
  • Click Find Classes (on the right you will see a blue circle with three lines click this you can filter classes by session category, etc.)
  • Click Add to Cart – You are NOT enrolled yet, it only places class(es) in your cart!!
  • Check what student you want this class for and agree to Gotta Dance Policies
  • Click Add to Cart – You are NOT enrolled yet, it only places class(es) in your cart!!
  • Continue process for each class. (If registering for multiple classes on registration day- we suggest you checkout right away after you add a class to your cart)
  • When you are done adding classes to cart, click your cart in the upper right part of your screen and then click the GREEN Enroll Now button.The green Enroll button MUST be clicked for all your classes to be submitted for enrollment.  

How to View Your Gotta Dance Class Recommendations

Every current dancer received a personalized email with all of the classes they are recommended to take in the Fall of 2023-2024. You may register for any dance class up to the level that your teacher has recommended. (For Example, a dancer who is recommended for an AQUA jazz class may register for Aqua jazz, or any jazz level lower than Aqua.) Dancers who register for a level higher than their class recommendation allows, will be removed from the class and emailed an error notice at time of registration.


Email the office at to learn about summer private lesson availability. Private Lesson rates can be found on the Private Lesson webpage under Current Students. Dancers who complete summer private lessons will be evaluated by that educator at the end of the sessions for fall level placement.

Please note: Beginning dancers in Middle and High school may register for Garnet MS/HS Ballet and/or Tap held in our Basking Ridge location this fall!

Verify Log-in

Please verify that your family’s portal log-in ID and password work properly by Friday, June 16th at noon to avoid any delays in registration. The Gotta Dance office will be available to help troubleshoot any log-in issues through email and/or live chat. Please understand that we will do our best to answer your questions but there may be delays due to the volume of emails and online chats received during the first two days of registration (June 19th & 20th).

Registration Fee

When registering online we require payment for the June 2024 tuition and a $38 registration fee by credit card. Both the June 2024 tuition and registration fee are non-refundable. After initial registration, you may request to pay by cash or check for September’s tuition.

Before submitting a dance class registration, please double-check that you are registering for the correct/intended class. Beginning one week after initial registration, Gotta Dance will charge $5.00 for a switch/transfer from one class to another. This fee will be charged to the credit card on file the month that the switch/transfer occurs.

Registration Office Hours

Gotta Dance Office at our Bridgewater location will be opened for families this 2023-2024 registration. Gotta Dance’s registration staff strives to make the registration process as efficient as possible. For this reason, they will not take phone calls during these days.