Perfect Attendance

Relentless Perfect AttenDANCE Award

In 2012, Gotta Dance began rewarding dancers for having perfect attendance. As a result, their dedication to dance is demonstrated. This is an award for dancers who are relentless in their commitment to several factors. This includes their technique, teachers, classmates and physical fitness. Dancers who have achieved this goal will receive a Gotta Dance bell and will have the opportunity to ring the Relentless Award bell to celebrate their achievement.

Perfect attendance displays amazing determination from our dancers. This is a goal that can be met by every dancer at Gotta Dance. Join us next season by bringing your Relentless Attendance to class!

Gotta Dance Attendance Policy

At Gotta Dance, we encourage our dancers to strive for a record of perfect attendance. This dedication improves dance technique. In addition, it helps dancers prepare to progress for the next class level. Attending every class allows students to develop their skill set. Building strong lasting relationships with their teachers and peers, and maintain a lasting self-confidence.

Excused Absences:

We understand that there are certain situations and obligations that may outweigh any commitment towards an extracurricular activity. Consequently, we will excuse an absence in the event of the following.

    • A death in the family
    • A religious holiday where the studio is not closed.
      • In the event of such absence, the dancer is required to bring a signed note from their house of worship.
  • Class missed due to another Gotta Dance obligation.
    • Our Showstoppers, Immortal, Nutcracker, Heartbeat, and EDGE teams may conflict with scheduled classes.
    • Showstopper and Dynamite auditions will be an excused absence if class conflicts with the audition.
    • We encourage students to make up this absence, but it is not a requirement.

Absence Due to Illness:

Illness and Injury are ailments out of any person’s immediate control. We also recognize that there is a spectrum in the severity of ailments. We encourage students afflicted with movement inhibiting injuries and non-contagious illness to come to class and observe. Observation of a class will not affect a record of perfect attendance.

However, there are times when for the safety of the student and others in the classroom, a dancer will need to miss class. These absences will not be excused for any reason. We also ask that parents and students use their best judgment when making the decision to attend class in a time of illness.

Unexcused Absences:

Life happens, and often gets in the way of our planned day-to-day schedule. First of all ur dancers and their families have busy schedules. We understand that attending dance class often comes at the exclusion of other equally exciting opportunities. We want our dancers to pursue every opportunity available to them. Any absence, however, not stated as unexcused. Consequently this will count against perfect attendance.

We recognize that pursing a record of perfect attendance requires a combination of dedication, commitment coordination. A little bit of luck in addition plays a role. Gotta Dance wishes to celebrate the dancers who made it to every class, every week. Our policy on attendance is non-negotiable and must be maintained to ensure that the Relentless Perfect Attendance Award is a distinct achievement.

As is our policy, we encourage students who miss a class to absolutely make up the class during another same level class. This ensures that the dancer stays up to date with class material. Make-ups do not ‘cancel out’ an absence, they just keep our dancers at their very best, which is our ultimate educational goal!