Tuition and Payment Policies

2019-2020 Monthly Tuition Fees (September-June Season) Weekly Classes

45 minute class: $78.00/mo.
60 minute class: $92.00/mo.
1 hour & 15 minute class: $114.00/mo.
1 hour & 30 minute class: $133.00/mo.
Baby Ballet $68.00/mo
30 minute Pointe class: $41.00/mo.
Dedicated Dancer Discount: After monthly tuition reaches $430.00 (per dancer) the remaining monthly tuition (after $430.00) will be 50% off!

Gotta Dance’s season includes 36-40 class meetings including dress rehearsals and performances. We list class dates and closings on the web calendar under Current Students>Calendar. So in the event of absences, inclement weather cancellations, power outages, and/or state of emergencies, we issue no refunds. Dancers are welcome to make up a missed class anytime throughout the season in a comparable class. Dancers do not need to schedule a makeup in advance and may simply attend the class and inform the dance educator of the makeup. February 1st last day to register for classes.

Registration Fees

Registration Fee (non-refundable): $30.00
Syllabus Fee (Optional, more info at a later date): $35.00
Concert Fee (per class) (Includes Costume, 4 Complimentary Tickets, Complimentary Concert Programs): $136.00

We don’t charge families registration fees for summer program enrollment. There are no refunds awarded for summer programs.

Payment Policies

Gotta Dance requires that all students pay for their last month’s tuition (June 2020) in advance for every class registered for at the time of registration. June’s tuition is 100% non-refundable. Thereafter, tuition is due on the 1st of every month beginning on September 1, 2019. Tuition may be paid by credit card or cash/check.

Before submitting a dance class registration, please double-check that you are registering for the correct/intended class. Beginning one week after initial registration, Gotta Dance will charge $5.00 for a switch/transfer from one class to another.  We charge this fee to your credit card on file the month that the switch/transfer occurs.

Credit Card Payments: We bill credit cards automatically on a monthly basis unless you send a prior notification through email to office@gotta-dance requesting to pay by check.

Family Responsibilities

Families are responsible for ensuring that their credit card on file is up-to-date. Families may update credit cards at any time by logging into your Gotta Dance family portal. To access your family portal go to>Current Students>Login. Your username is your email address. Gotta Dance is not responsible for contacting you in the event of a declined credit card.

Check Payments: Please make all payments payable to Gotta Dance and mail to:

Gotta Dance, Inc.
3322 Rt. 22 West, Suite 207
Branchburg, NJ 08876

We charge a $35 fee for any returned check. Gotta Dance is not responsible for contacting families for outstanding balances.

Past Due Accounts: There is a $10 late charge automatically applied to accounts paid after the 10th of the month. If your account falls more than 30 days behind, your dancer may not participate in class. Please understand that if families are 3 months late with payments for any dance class, you/your dancer will be dropped from that class.

Families that require a payment plan may also request one by contacting the Operations Director at

Dropping/Transferring Class: A notification by email to is required before the 1st of the month to drop a class.  You may call the office to discuss the drop, but you need to email the office to terminate payments.  If we do not receive email notification of the drop by the 1st of the month, please understand that you are responsible for the tuition and the drop will take effect on the 1st of the following month.  If your dancer drops, your June tuition payment and registration fee are non-refundable.  A $5.00 charge for a switch/transfer from one class to another and that this fee will be charged to my credit card the month that the switch/transfer occurs. February 1st last day to transfer to another class with a different costume. March 1st last day to transfer to another class with the same costume.

Additional Fees

Concert Fees
All dance classes, beginning at the Rainbows(3 yrs.) level and up (except Pointe 1), participate in the annual end-of-season dance concert. The Concert Fee is $136.00 which includes one costume per class, 4 complimentary tickets per class, complimentary concert programs, and the fees associated with producing a full-scale dance production. So if your dancer will not participate in the concert, please notify the office by December 17, 2019, so that we don’t order a costume. Families who notify the office between December 15, 2019, and April 1, 2020, will receive a 50% concert fee refund. After April 1st, responsibility for the full amount is on the family. In short, we issue no refunds. February 1st last day to add and/or transfer to another class with a different costume. March 1st last day to transfer to another class with the same costume.

You may pay Concert fees by credit card or check/cash.  We charge all credit cards on file this fee on January 2nd, 2020 unless payment is received on or before December 15, 2019.

Workshop Requirements

Workshop is Gotta Dance’s highest level, and our dancers commit to Workshop with dance as their priority.  In this class, everyone should have the same commitment.  When a dancer does not, it affects everyone’s growth.  For the season 2019-2020, we are implementing a new policy.  Please review this carefully.  By registering for Workshop level class(es), you are committing to this policy.

Workshop Requirements: