Dance Class Improves Posture Problems Caused by Overuse of Devices

January 22nd, 2021

How many times have you caught your kids crouched over their computer desk, laptop, or smartphone, sometimes for hours on end? Studies show that, over time, poor posture can have debilitating consequences. If someone in your family complains about a crick in their neck, an ache in their shoulders, or a tingling in their hands or wrists, this could be a sign that they need to take a step back from the tech and improve their posture before things get worse. As parents, we understand the cumulative life impact of these posture choices. Getting them away from their devices is easier said than done, but the more time your kids spend in front of their screens, the more dire the consequences are.

How Bad Posture Affects Kids

In today’s world, kids spend a lot of time on their computers and phones. With many schools across the country holding virtual classes, kids just aren’t staying active in the ways that they once did. Your kids sit in front of their computers for at least five hours for school instruction, and what do they do after school to relax? Likely, they browse the internet, play video games, or text friends on their phones. This behavior becomes a habit that’s hard to break, and it’s no wonder that kids are starting to complain about aches and pains more than ever.

Our bodies rely on proper posture to keep our entire skeletal system aligned. And when things fall out of alignment, we experience joint pain and muscle problems, causing us to overuse other muscles, and leading to long-term issues. Human posture has changed for the worse since the dawn of laptops and smartphones because we are always looking down at our devices, which are usually held at chest or waist level. This results in “tech neck,” a condition where the positioning of the head can knock the spine out of alignment. Poor posture can also result in painful pinched nerves, rounded shoulders, and more long-term spinal problems. The muscles that are meant to hold us in the proper position get weaker, and our posture further worsens.

The truth is, humans aren’t built to spend all day sitting in a chair looking at a screen. Not only is it bad for your posture, but it’s also not great for your overall physical and mental health. As time goes on, poor posture harder and harder to correct, so it’s important to intervene now!

How A Dance Class Can Help Posture And More

From the time they can start to get around independently, kids love to dance. Put on a favorite tune and even babies will start to move to the beat. The truth is, dancing is not only fun, but it’s also great exercise. Encouraging your kids of all ages to dance is one way to keep them active when they’re stuck behind a screen for school all day.

Getting your kids dance instruction or enrolling them in dance class doesn’t only get your kids moving, though. It’s also great for their posture. Posture, in fact, is one of the most important foundations of dance, from ballet to tap to ballroom dancing. When kids learn to dance, they increase their flexibility and build muscles that help to prevent poor posture, and dance instruction gives them the tools they need to improve both their balance and their posture.

In addition to providing great exercise and improving posture, dance can be a serious mood booster. The world is a stressful place right now, and no matter how young they are, our kids feel it. Dancing is a great way to bust stress, burn off some steam, and improve mental health. And dance instruction can help smaller kids learn to follow instructions and improve their focus.

If you’re ready to get your child moving, try a dance class at Gotta Dance. We offer both in-person and virtual classes to help kids stay focused and healthy, and have fun. Contact us to learn more about the classes we offer.