Enhance Your Child’s Life with Creative Movement

November 11th, 2019

The beauty, skill, and athleticism of dance are easy to admire, and it’s an inspiration to all those who participate. Even simply observing a moving dance from afar can give a person chills. The potential, power, and creativity of the human body in motion is palpable. But nothing quite compares to the genuine reaction of a little child as they discover a glimpse into the exciting new world of dance. Maybe they saw a dance team on TV, or perhaps it was a ballet. But a child who is excited about dance is a very happy child, and they typically want to try it out for themselves.

Some kids are innately drawn to the art of dance, while others may need a little more footwork to get the inspiration flowing. Sharing dance with your child is a joy, whether it’s through a live performance or recording. One thing is certain: dance can benefit all children. Giving the gift of dance to a young child will set them off on the right foot in life. They will feel supported, and that their natural talents can be expressed and encouraged to blossom and grow.

Children, like all human beings, have a strong desire to do well in life, to explore their passions, and to belong among their peers. Every parent wants nothing but the very best for their kids. When you expose those little ones (as well as the ones who are growing up too fast!) to the discipline of dance, you are providing them with a well-rounded education disguised in a sparkly, shimmering costume.

Dance fosters a deep respect for one’s self that may be hard to find elsewhere. We learn all about the amazing three-dimensional art that our bodies can create, and the stories it has to tell. Then, it naturally follows that we live in a state of wonderment for ourselves and for others, as well. Dancers soon learn the true meaning of grace, both physically and socially, and they learn all about the value of teamwork too. Dance class is an environment not just for steps, sequences, and tricks, but for learning the fine art of integrity.

The Perfect Activity for Children (and Everyone Else, Too!)

Whether your young one is in need of a new afterschool activity or has just enrolled in daycare, dance is the perfect activity to capture their burgeoning imagination and boundless energy. Dance classes will encourage physical fitness, self-respect, and a sense of community, all the while keeping them occupied when they need to be. The dance classroom is a fun place beyond school and home life where young ones can expand and grow in a safe and supportive environment with new friendships that often last a lifetime.

If you’re young or young at heart, dance offers profound gifts to practitioners on any level. The physical, social, mental, and emotional benefits of dancing are abundant. Many people are drawn to dance for its propensity to keep you physically fit, but that’s only the beginning of the story. Kids grow up in dance and learn life lessons that can’t be taught elsewhere.

Children in particular benefit from an early start in dance. The practice of honing discipline and creativity tend to reach out into other areas of a young person’s life, including their academic and social activities.

Dance is definitely not just for little girls, either. Around many dance studios, boys are rare and therefore frequently in very high demand, especially for partnering work. So if your little son has a tendency to twirl and leap through the air, it’s time to celebrate. He will feel right at home in his debut dance class. There are a lot of ways to harness that energy and put it to good use on the dance floor.

Cute little girl dreaming of becoming a ballerina

Little Kids, Big Passion

Children come into the world as natural dancers. They possess a kind of innate freedom that is endearing and lovely. For some people, sadly, it’s the growing up process that dampens this born instinct. To let kids have fun playing, dancing, moving, and dreaming provides the springboard for a truly meaningful life, one that is well-lived. Let’s not forget, tiny dreamers can grow up to be big stars. When we allow our children the opportunity to explore what they love and to expose them to new ideas, amazing things are bound to happen, for kids and parents alike.

Many professional dancers have a moving story about starting dance classes when they were very young. For some genres in dance, early training is imperative. This is not always the case though, and not all dancers aim for a professional career trajectory. Some are in it just for fun. But some young ones can be very serious about growing up to be a company dancer and take center stage. That dream can be nurtured too, whatever their ultimate goals may be.

The Bigger Picture

Beyond the extensive benefits that dance imparts to an individual person, the many facets of dance benefit society as a whole, as well. Whether this reveals itself through keeping kids on track and out of trouble, demonstrating the creative power of teamwork, or just inspiring an anonymous individual to live their best life, dance has profound gifts to give to the world at large. Why not give that very gift to your child as they grow up?

The fact is that when people come together to make art, wonderful things tend to happen. Add to the mix the feel-good chemicals that surge through one’s body when engaged in dancing, and you have pure magic. Childhood is the perfect window through which we can instill a healthful zest for life that will carry on all through the years and beyond.